Enhanced Survival

The Operation Diamond Enhanced Survival Server is a whitelisted moded server that has been configured to enhance the player's survival experience while maintaining the spirit of vanilla survival Minecraft in a multi-player community environment. By default, Operation Diamond Community members are whitelisted on this server wiThe main areas for enhancement focus on providing players with:

  • new biome and structure types to explore with an added degree of difficulty
  • the ability to be safe from other players in bases, but allow PvP in wilderness areas 
  • an expanded building experience by including new block types and tools
  • altered game mechanics to allow for better base and farm automation
  • a balanced way to obtain items that are not renewable and hard to obtain in large communities
Check out the Connection Guide for more information on how to set up your client. Also, the Enhanced Survival Guide has been provided to document features found on the server and in the mod pack.

Some of the altered game mechanics worth mentioning are:

  • Penguins waddle in cold biomes (my favorite animal and had to be added)
  • Dispensers can plant crops and place blocks
  • Endermen are more aggressive in pursuing players
  • Hostile mobs are more dangerous the closer the player is to bedrock
  • Trees simply fall in the Overworld anytime Chuck Norris is near
  • The dragon will always drop a dragon egg and a dragon scale upon dying after re-spawning
  • Elytra can be crafted from dragon scales
  • Shulkers are now (not so easily) farmable
  • A simple quarry machine has been added for the purpose of large perimeter clearing
  • Filtered hoppers have been added and hooper conduits can push items up
  • A conveyor systems can transport mobs, items, and entities like water streams
  • Craft-able air ships are available  as a second means of flying
  • Herobrine creates random structures in the world when nobody is looking
  • Waypoint markers can be teleported to only after their discovery by the player

Keeping true to the original vanilla experience, this server is intended to be enjoyed by adventurers, traditional redstoners, and players that enjoy the challenge of building in survival mode.  Mods that added non-traditional Minecraft weapons, armor, or the ability to fly unassisted by the player were specifically avoided.  RF power, Magic, and item / fluid conduit mods were also avoided as they can easily be too overpowered for balanced gameplay for a more generalized community.

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