Operation Diamond’s mission is to create a unique Minecraft experience for players that enjoy playing together, as well as sharing their adventures and creations with the real world. Streaming and recording playtime is expected. As most streamers and video creators tend to have younger audiences, rules are needed to ensure that the content created while playing on Operation Diamond servers remains somewhat family friendly. Also, rules are needed to set a level playing field and ensure all players have equal opportunity within the game.

Minecraft Rules

  • Do not use modifications (mods) that give you an advantage over other players, including macros.
  • Do not exploit or abuse glitches, bugs, or issues that cause unfair advantages such as duplication.
  • Do not advertise other servers or websites, including “Realm” servers.
  • Do not distribute 18+ content, screamers, gore, or shock sites.
  • Do not build anything inappropriate or offensive.
  • Do not impersonate to be staff.
  • Do not harass, troll, disrespect any players or staff.
  • Do not make threats to players or staff. This includes DDoS threats, “Swatting” threats, death threats, etc.
  • Do not post hack accusations (hackusations) in chat. Report any possible rule breakers to staff.
  • Do not bypass or attempt to bypass any chat filter.
  • Do not use excessive capital letters.
  • Do not spam (rapidly posting messages).
  • Keep cursing to a minimum.
  • You may not have a Minecraft name that:
    • Is obviously derogatory
    • Contains illegal references (DDoS, Swatting, etc)
  • You may not team with players that are cheating, glitching, hacking, or are currently bypassing a permanent IP ban.
  • Make sure your clan/group/team names are appropriate.

Discord Rules

  • Use a nickname that is the same as your in-game name.
  • Use mute if you have background noise.
  • Do not disrespect staff members or players.
  • Do not post 18+, screamers, or gore links.
  • Do not have a 18+ or gore avatar.
  • Do not excessively troll or be a nuisance.
  • Do not record people without their permission or in public channels.
  • Do not stream audio/sounds/music over your microphone.
  • Do not use voice changers.
  • Do not crunch, yell, shout, squeal, breathe, etc. into your microphone.
  • Do not hop channels frequently.
  • Do not send malicious links or malicious content.
  • Do not advertise other servers or sites.
  • Do not use excessive vulgar language.
  • Do not discuss inappropriate or illegal topics.
  • Do not attempt to sell accounts, ranks, or anything else.
  • Do not use an inappropriate name.