Elite Vanilla Survival Minecraft

The Elite Vanilla Survival server is a whitelisted server reserved for Crafting Rockstars. Running on a bare metal server in a major datacenter with plenty of CPU speed, RAM, and SSD hard drives, it is an ideal server for players that want to stream or create video content in a Minecraft Community.

As a young server, slots are available. You may apply through the sign-up link above.

About the Elite Vanilla Survival World

As a community survival server, expecting big builds, this is a friendly world where stealing and griefing are not allowed. PVP is allowed if it is done in a friendly manner and everyone involved are ok with it.

Running Minecraft 1.13.2 vanilla, this should bring a common experience to all players without having to mod their clients to enjoy the experience. There are several datapacks installed to enhance the playing experience without detracting from a vanilla spirit. I guess you could call it “Vanilla with Sprinkles”.

With Minecraft 1.14 around the corner, promising new villager mechanics, biomes, and mobs, the current world is intended to be a proving ground to vet out the best players. We will work with the players to determine if the server will be wiped fresh or the current world continued.

Datapacks Installed


  • Normally, shulkers do not respawn tempting many players to duplicate shulker shells.
  • This plugin allows endermites to burrow into purpur blocks, which then turns into a shulker.
  • Developed by Voodoobeard

Anti Ender-Grief

  • A lot of players don’t like endermen moving blocks, which can make base areas look bad after a while.
  • This plugin prevents endermen from picking up blocks and griefing pretty base areas.
  • Developed by Voodoobeard

Elytra Dragon Loot

  • Kill the dragon, get a ton of XP and an egg trophy. Kill it again and you get nothing.
  • This plugin adds an elytra to the dragon loot table with a 100% drop chance. This should also help late comers as they can get their first wings without finding a fresh end city.
  • Developed by Voodoobeard

Bed Sleep Menu (One Player Sleep)

  • Night time in Minecraft, as well as rain, make for poor conditions to stream or make high quality videos. Everyone on the server needs to sleep at the same time to make it day again.
  • This plugin adds the ability for a single player to change the time of day and weather from a menu system triggered while accessing a bed.
  • Developed by Voodoobeard